Myso-Propyl Alcohol™ Personal Protection Instrument (PPI) Kit


Protect your health from harmful bacteria by keeping a PPI kit with you at all times.

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Product Description

A key to protecting your health is being prepared to fight disease and bacteria when out in high public areas. The Personal Protection Instrument (PPI) Kit is designed to do just that. The kit consist of a single patented anti-bacteria glove to place on your left hand and a 3oz tube of Myso-Propyl Alcohol™.  The anti-bacteria glove has a storage patch in the palm of the glove for storing alcohol sanitizer. Conventional hand sanitizer protect for only 30 seconds when used, but the PPI Kit provides continual protect with active alcohol stored in the patch.  When in public places simply “charge” the patch with the alcohol sanitizer and wipe fingers and hand on patch when concerned about contamination.


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